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Elevator Packing Products

Hydraulic and Traction PackingHydraulic Packing Seals

Complete Packing Sets for most North American manufactured units. See complete listing in our Elevator Packing Product Catalog. Individual replacement seals also available. Ask for the best friction-reducing seal on the market - the Supreme Green 900.

Sealing Product Descriptions


We have solutions for:

    Texacone Elevator Packing Acessories
  • Heavily Scored Piston-
    Sure Fill Repair Kit offers a permanent repair for badly scored pistons and rough joints.
  • Demanding Sealing Environments-
    Stuffing Box Lubricator and Jack's Green Slime provide relief from high-use, high-temperature and excessive friction on two seal arrangements.
  • Misaligned Cylinders-
    Aligning System quickly and accurately detects out-of- plumb cylinders.
  • Damaged Pistons-
    Sanding Sleeve Tools effortlessly recondition badly damaged pistons.

Cylinder Head Identification System & Catalog: